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  • White Light Interference

    Roughness steps 3D contouring SEM-like effects
    https://english.atometrics.com.cn/applications/10.htmlView more

  • lmage Dimension Measurement System

    Simple Fast Accurate
    https://english.atometrics.com.cn/applications/306.htmlView more

  • 3D line laser measuring instrument

    3840 point Extreme high-precision measurement Abundant software functions
    https://english.atometrics.com.cn/applications/9.htmlView more

  • Spectral confocal displacement sensor

    Not affected by materia Small size High precision
    https://english.atometrics.com.cn/applications/8.htmlView more

  • Film Thickness Instrument

    Resolution of 1Å rich scene can measure 10 layers
    https://english.atometrics.com.cn/applications/162.htmlView more

  • Film Thickness Gauges Mapping Series

    Automatic and fast measurement Single-point time <0.5s point programming 3D distribution compatible with 2-12-inch wafers
    https://english.atometrics.com.cn/applications/342.htmlView more

  • Diffraction three-dimensional topography

    Film Thickness Duty Cycle Sidewall Angle High Efficiency Precision
    https://english.atometrics.com.cn/applications/161.htmlView more

  • Wafer 3D automatic inspection equipment

    Steps Roughness 3D Morphology
    https://english.atometrics.com.cn/applications/7.htmlView more

  • elite Pro

    Ultra-high measuring accuracy Ultra-high measurement efficiency Abundant measuring functions
    https://english.atometrics.com.cn/applications/160.htmlView more

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Specialist in high-precision measuring instruments and sensors

The brand "Atometrics" under Boardstone Intelligent has launched multiple high-precision 3D measurement products, which have received unanimous praise from customers. Boardstone Intelligent is committed to becoming an innovative Chinese brand in the industry.

We have established a team of experienced researchers and engineers, with rich industry experience and exquisite professional knowledge, which are key advantages for ensuring customer success. Due to high quality products and customer services, as well as customized industry applications, we can flexibly adapt to the diverse needs of customers.

Innovation is the soul of Atometrics. With our extensive knowledge in the field of optical measurement technology and close cooperation with top scientific research institutions, we continuously apply advanced technologies to new product series. Therefore, Atometrics can continuously optimize core technologies. Thanks to the initiative SST and GAT algorithms, combined with innovative hardware design, the products can be up to industry-leading level featured of smaller size, better usability, and higher accuracy.

Atometrics is headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong, with offices in East and Central China and a joint research and development center in the United States.

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